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Building beams for the formwork of the horizon are an integral part construction process, where they are used to create a temporary formwork support during concreting of foundations, walls, ceilings, etc elements. These beams can be made of different materials, but the most wooden and steel ones are common.

Wooden beams for the formwork of the horizon usually have a rectangular or square section, and their length can be from 3 to 6 meters. They usually made of pine or spruce, which have high strength and wear resistance. In addition, wooden beams have a light weight, which makes them easy to carry and install.

Steel beams for formwork of the horizon, also called X-beams, because their cross-section has the shape of the letter "X". They have high strength and durability, and can also be used to work with large loads and at high temperatures. However, they usually have a large weight, which can make them difficult to transport and install.

In addition to wooden and steel beams, there are also beams made of concrete or polymeric materials, but they are less common because they usually require special equipment for transportation and installation.

The choice of a specific type of beam depends on a number of factors, such as type buildings, formwork size,

requirements for strength and duration of operation. Wooden beams usually used for construction work with a small number of repetitions, such as one- or two-story buildings. Steel beams are used in in cases where great strength and durability are required, for example for high-rise buildings.

In addition to the material, an important factor when choosing a construction beam is its geometric parameters such as size, shape and number of holes. These the parameters must meet the requirements of the project and formwork specifications.

In general, construction beams for the formwork of the horizon are an important element construction process that helps to ensure stability and reliability constructions When choosing a specific type of beam, the following must be taken into account factors such as building type, formwork size, strength requirements and duration of operation.