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Accessories and components

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Formwork is a necessary component of the construction process, which allows to create the form of building structures. Accessories and components for formwork are important components that ensure reliability and convenience in working with formwork.

The most common formwork accessories are the following:

  1. Fastening for formwork. This is a set of fasteners that fix the formwork on place and allow it to be held securely. Attachments can be made of different materials such as steel, aluminum or plastic.

  2. Formwork boards. These are the elements used for fastening formwork and forming its surface. Boards can be made from steel, aluminum or wood.

  3. Loosening agents. These accessories are used for accurate determination of the dimensions of the building structure and preparation of the site for installation of formwork. Loosening agents can be made from different materials such as metal or plastic.

  4. Ventilation elements. These accessories are used to provide normal air circulation in the formwork, which allows to maintain appropriate humidity and temperature for high-quality concrete setting.

Formwork components also play an important role in the construction process. The main components for formwork include:

  1. Formwork frame. This is the main element of the formwork, which is installed on in place and fixed with fasteners.

  2. Dimensional elements of the formwork. These elements allow you to install formwork with millimeter accuracy, which is important for obtaining high-quality and reliable construction.

  3. The collapsible formwork system. These components consist of metal or plastic panels that can be easily disassembled and assembled, which allows save time and effort on the installation and dismantling of the formwork.

  4. Formwork connecting elements. These components are used for connection of various elements of the formwork with each other, which allows to create various forms of building structures.

  5. Elements of protection against concrete. These components are used for protection of the formwork from contact with concrete and moisture, which may result to damage to the formwork and deterioration of the quality of the building structure.

All these formwork accessories and components are important to ensure high-quality and safe construction. It is important to remember that the formwork must be securely fixed and meet all the necessary technical requirements safety, which will avoid danger for workers and obtain quality and reliable construction.