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Column formwork

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Column formwork is a special structural installation that used to create columns in buildings and structures. Decking a column consists of several elements that come together to create column forms.

The process of creating columns using formwork begins with installation vertical elements of the formwork, which are called racks. Stands are located around the perimeter of the future column and can be adjusted in height to reach the required size. Then, horizontal elements the formwork, called joists, is installed on the racks, creating column frame.

The next step is the installation of reinforcement, which strengthens the column and protects it from destruction. The reinforcement is placed inside the formwork, and then poured concrete After pouring the concrete, the formwork remains in place to maintain the shape of the column for several days until the concrete is completely will freeze

Column formwork has several advantages over other construction methods columns First, the formwork allows you to create columns of almost any shape shape and size, which gives greater freedom in the design of buildings. Second, the formwork creates a smooth column surface that does not need an additional one processing And finally, formwork is an economical solution because it can be used many times.

One of the main advantages of column formwork is its flexibility and possibility creating columns of any shape and size. It is especially useful in those in cases where it is necessary to create columns of non-standard form, for example, when creating architectural elements or decorative structures. Thanks to the column formwork, it is possible to create columns that have the shape of a circle, square, rectangle or other non-standard shape.

In addition, column formwork provides a smooth column surface, which makes additional processing of the columns is optional. This allows you to save time and money during construction, as there is no need to carry out additional work with surface treatment of columns.

Column formwork is also an economical solution, as it can be done use many times. This allows to reduce construction costs and improve process efficiency. Formwork can be made of different materials materials such as wood, metal, plastic and others, which makes it possible choose the best option for each specific project.

However, the use of column formwork has some disadvantages. Installation and dismantling the formwork requires certain skills and special equipment, which may cause additional costs. Also, the formwork can be quite heavy, which complicates its transportation and installation.

In general, column formwork is an important element in the creation of buildings and buildings with columns. It allows you to create almost any columns form and in a very short time.