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Wall formwork

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Wall formwork is one of the main components of the construction process, which is used to create the walls of buildings. It consists of metal or wooden panels that provide the correct shape and smoothness of the wall surface. The use of wall formwork allows to ensure high quality of construction and reduce the time of work.

One of the main advantages of wall formwork is the possibility of its use for the construction of walls of any shape and size. This type of formwork allows you to easily create curvilinear and rounded wall shapes that are impossible with other construction methods. In addition, the use wall formwork allows for uniform distribution of loads on building structure and reduce the risk of its deformation.

Another advantage of using wall formwork is the ability to quickly installation and dismantling. The system consists of light and convenient for transportation of panels, which allows you to quickly mount and dismantle them on construction site. This allows you to reduce labor costs and to reduce the time of execution of construction works.

In addition, the use of wall formwork allows to ensure a high the quality of the walls. Formwork provides a smooth wall surface, which allows get a perfect result without any defects. Also, use formwork allows to reduce the amount of construction material waste, because it is possible to accurately calculate the required amount of material and its dimensions

Another important advantage of wall formwork is its economy. Decking can be used repeatedly, which allows you to reduce costs building materials and ensure more efficient use of resources. In addition, formwork provides labor savings and time reduction, which spent on building walls.

However, the use of wall formwork also has its drawbacks. At using wooden panels may cause a problem with them wear and tear and the need for regular maintenance. In addition, the use of wall formwork requires certain knowledge and experience in installation and system dismantling.

In conclusion, wall formwork is an important element of the construction process, which allows to ensure the high quality of the walls, to use effectively resources and reduce the time of work. When choosing a formwork, it is necessary take into account the type of building and its features, as well as the suitability of the formwork requirements of construction standards.